Ontario Emergency Communications

A well managed integral component of the City's public safety program. A respected organization that has been recognized for its contributions to the community. A part of a progressive, fast moving, happening organization!


The primary mission and purpose of the Ontario ECS, Emergency Communications Service, is to support emergency communications during periods of local, regional, or national emergencies. By providing Fire and Police communication back-up, with an amateur radio system, the integrity of public safety services is ensured. As an organization within the Ontario Fire Department, ECS maintains proficiency in a variety of areas that support a public safety organization. These include, but are not limited to: communications, first aid, and security. Amateur radio is utilized not only to support ECS activities but also to further public safety objectives. Their services may be requested by various government agencies. The pursuit of amateur radio, as an end to itself, is not a mission of Ontario ECS. Rather, public safety needs are predominant in determining the mission of the organization and are filled by a variety of skills and talents available among its members. In order to fulfill this mission, Emergency Communications Service members must be flexible. They must be able to adapt to a wide range of potential situations, which ECS may be called upon, for support.

Benefits of Membership

Repeater Autopatch Emergency Autodial Preparedness Training Honor and recognition for belonging to a proud organization Have you been wondering how you can contribute to the community? You have just found what you've been looking for - join Ontario's ECS!


Members of Ontario ECS must be...

  • Licensed HAM radio operators: technician class or above Able to pass a background investigation Willing to work within a structured organization to support objectives consistent with the mission of Ontario ECS Able to maintain minimum standards of training and participation

Contact the City of Ontario Office of Emergency Management for classes and test opportunities.

If you are interested in joining Ontario ECS, contact:

Office of Emergency Management
Ontario Fire Department
415 East B Street
Ontario, CA 91764
[email protected]

Visit us on the Ontario ECS Net

Thursday Evenings at 6 PM

147.480 - Simplex

447.200 - Duplex 114.8

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