Legislative Advocacy

The City of Ontario maintains a robust legislative advocacy program that seeks to advance the goals set by the City Council through meaningful engagement in the legislative process, as well as the identification and pursuit of grant funding.   The City supplements these efforts through active involvement in regional boards and commissions, as well as participation and leadership in local government interest groups such as the League of California Cities.  The City seeks to act as a regional leader in the effort to solve housing, transportation, and public safety challenges.  

Legislative Platform

Each year, the City Council adopts a program of legislative priorities, the City’s Legislative Platform, which dictates the priority and position for on particular issues for which staff and the City’s team of state and federal lobbyists seek to affect a favorable outcome.   

The City’s 2019 Legislative Platform was adopted by the City Council on January 15, 2019. 

The City's 2020 Legislative Platform was adopted by the City Council on January 21, 2020.

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Priority Legislation

Each legislative session, the City takes positions on proposed legislation via position letters. Position letters for the 2019-20 legislative session can be viewed below. 

AB 234 (Nazarian) Income taxes: credit: seismic retrofits. – Support 

AB 392 (Weber) Peace officers: deadly force.  – Oppose 

AB 1356 (Ting) Cannabis: local jurisdictions: retail commercial cannabis activity. – Oppose 

SB 230 (Caballero) Law enforcement: use of deadly force: training policies. – Support  

SB 438 (Hertzberg) Emergency medical services: dispatch.  – Support  

SB 451 (Atkins) Personal income and corporation taxes: credits: rehabilitation of certified historic structures.  – Support

SB 531 (Glazer) Local agencies: retailers.  – Concerns 

H.R. 530 (Eshoo) Accelerating Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019.   – Support

AB 516 (Chiu & Santiago) Authority to remove vehicles. – Oppose

SB 5 (Beall, McGuire, Portantino) Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program. – Support

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Elected Officials

County Supervisor Curt Hagman 4th District https://www.sbcounty.gov/bosd4/Default

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez D-Pomona https://a52.asmdc.org/

Senator Connie M. Leyva D-Chino https://sd20.senate.ca.gov/

Congresswoman Norma Torres D-CA https://torres.house.gov/

Contact Us

The City’s Administrative Services Agency is tasked with the tracking and monitoring of federal, state, and regional legislation or policy that impacts the City of Ontario. 

For more information on the bills that the City is tracking, please contact Deputy City Manager, David Sheasby, at [email protected], or Legislative Analyst, Alonso Ramirez, at [email protected]

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