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Shaping Wood, Shaping Artist: Sam Maloof


Thursday, January 23 through Sunday, March 29, 2020

Shaping Wood, Shaping Artists presents a new perspective on the art and craft of master woodworker Sam Maloof. Presented in two museums - the Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Chaffey Community Museum of Art- at one location - the Ontario Arts District, the exhibit tells the story of how Sam Maloof created his furniture ("Shaping Wood") and how his generous spirit encouraged the careers of so many local artists ("Shaping Artists"). Presented in collaboration with the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for the Arts and Crafts. For more information, call (909) 395-2510. 

Shaping Wood, Shaping Artist: Sam Maloof

Gem of the Foothills

Permanent Exhibit
This exhibit explores the unique history of Ontario—it’s founding, transitions, people and organizations. Explore Ontario from its roots beginning with the Native Peoples and Californio Rancheros to its founding by George Chaffey. Discover why it has been called both a “Model Colony” and the “Gem of the Foothills.” The book, Ontario The Gem of the Foothills by Michael L. Rounds, traces Ontario history from the Native American era to the present day. Many historic images from the museum’s collections are published here for the first time. This interpretive history about our community is for sale in the museum store.
Gem of the Foothills Gem of the Foothills