Be Prepared

A little planning goes a long way.



Talk to your people about how to find and get in touch with them when something happens. The same relationships that are so important on a normal day - with friends, family, neighbors, and communities - are even more critical in an emergency. 


Talk plan.

First, discuss your emergency plan with your close circle of friends, relatives or immediate family. Then, write it down and share it with everyone. Now, everyone knows what to do in an emergency.


What does your plan need to include? 

  1. Pick a few of your closest friends and family. Who will you want to get in touch with if something happens?

  2. Pick an out of state contact. Who can serve as a focal point for information, if you can't reach others locally?

  3. Pick places to meet. Find a couple of places to meet - one close-by and another a little farther away. That way you have to go even if the closer one isn't reachable. 

Print this out.

Print these easy forms out and make a plan with a few people close to you, so everything is literally on the same page and know what to do in the event of an emergency. Print a copy for yourself, and email or print copies for everyone else in your group. Put your copy on the fridge - or somewhere else you won't forget.


What to do. 

Print out the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety so you know exactly what to do when the earth shakes.



Emergency Kit

Whether you're a disaster newbie or a prepper pro, gathering your emergency supplies is easy. 

It is good to plan for at least 5 days worth of supplies. If you are really gung-ho, try for 10+ days!

Look around your home and you might be surprised at how many items you already have. 

Downloadable Files

Emergency Plan

Downloadable Files

Downloadable Files