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Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits are issued in one of four forms, dependent on the type of discharger, volume, and discharge characteristics.  No user of the City sewerage system requiring a permit may discharge wastewater without obtaining a wastewater discharge permit. The four permits types are:

1.    Class I Wastewater Discharge Permits - Issued to any user subject to Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards, or having industrial flows greater than 25,000 gallons per day, or that has a reasonable potential for adversely affecting the operation of the wastewater treatment plant or for violating any pretreatment standard or requirement.

2.    Class II Wastewater Discharge Permit - Issued to any user discharging wastewater other than domestic waste, or that has a reasonable potential to adversely affect the City of Ontario collection system or POTW, but is not required to obtain a Class I permit.

3.    Class IZ Industrial Wastewater Permit - Issued to any user who is subject to Categorical Pretreatment Standards, does not discharge industrial waste, and only discharges domestic waste into the sewerage system.

4.    Temporary Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit - Issued to any user discharging wastewater temporarily from industrial operations, or any user who has a discharge of unpolluted water where no alternative method of disposal is available.

The Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit application may be downloaded by clicking on the PDF document below.  For questions related to industrial wastewater discharges and permitting, please contact Ontario Municipal Utilities at (909) 395-2678.

Industrial Wastewater Permit Application [PDF]

Last updated: 7/9/2013 2:45:22 PM