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2013-2014 Adopted Annual Operating Budgets

The budget serves as a policy document for the City of Ontario as it reflects the City Council’s emphasis on community goals and programs that strive to enhance the quality of life. Ultimately, the budget communicates who we are and what we do, and is directed to a wide audience including citizens, the business community, and staff. The on-going challenge for our City is to make a positive difference to the citizens of Ontario even in times of constrained fiscal resources.

The Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-14 is well-balanced and reflects the City Council’s continued commitment to foster steady, controlled growth and provide the highest level of service to the community within the City’s fiscal constraints. Under the direction of the City Council, the adopted fiscal plan cautiously and prudently allows for fluctuations in revenue and expenditures and ensures flexibility to respond to urgent needs and events that may arise.

The Fiscal Year 2013-14 Adopted Budget document is comprised of three separate volume: Summary, Detail, and Capital Improvement Plan. The Summary provides a high-level overview of each operational unit’s activities and programs included in the budget for the upcoming year. The Detail provides detailed information at the “expense” account level. The Capital Improvement Program presents the City’s comprehensive capital spending plan for the forthcoming years.

Summary [PDF]

Detail [PDF]

Capital Improvement Plan [PDF]

Last updated: 8/21/2014 3:32:59 PM