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2013 Benefits Information


Benefits Enrollment 2013

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To make informed benefits decisions for you and your family, read all materials provided and get an understanding of options available. Questions that should be considered: Are you experiencing any problems with your current health plan? Do you feel you are spending too much money for either your health plan or at the doctor's office? Do you want to have more freedom of choice without having to go through a referral process? Is your dental option working for you? Do you want the freedom to choose any dentist or does a DHMO assigned dental office work for you?

The City of Ontario contracts with CalPERS for medical coverage. Your HMO options are Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield NetValue and Blue Shield Access Plus. PPO options are PERS Select, PERS Choice and PERSCare. For Safety Members there is an additional option for PORAC. All PPO options are Anthem Blue Cross plans.

Dental is provided through Delta Dental and your options are Delta Care (DHMO) and Delta Premiere PPO and Delta Buy-Up PPO.

Vision is provided through VSP and the two available options are VSP Basic and VSP Buy Up.

Are you in need of additional life insurance? You have the option of purchasing Portable Life Insurance through CIGNA with the convenience of payroll deductions for your premiums. A health questionnaire, and possible physical exam, will be required.

All Enrollment information is available online and can be viewed, downloaded or printed at anytime.


Important Changes To Be Aware of January 1, 2013

  • Click here to view CalPERS Video Presenting the 2013 CalPERS Health Plans
  • Depending upon your bargaining unit MOU, you may be able to waive your dental and/or vision
  • The City's dental plans have been restructured to reflect three coverage tiers (Single, Two-Party, Family)
  • If you are currently in Delta DPO or Delta DPO Buy Up plan, or you will be enrolling in either plan, you will be receiving a new ID card for plan year 2013
  • New Costco benefit added to VSP network (NOTE: some optometrists may choose not to participate; member would be reimbursed non-network benefit allowance)
  • FSA Health Care limit has been reduced from $5,000 to $2,500

Important Reminders

  • If waiving medical insurance through the City, you must provide documentation of other Group Coverage
  • Adding a dependent requires documentation of eligibility:
  • Children may remain on your medical plan until the age of 26
  • Children may remain on your dental, vision and life plans until the age of 23
  • Upon member's request, the member will pay the cost difference between the brand medication and a generic equivalent, plus the generic co-pay when a Food and Drug Administration approved generic equivalent is available

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