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The Clean Streets program was developed to improve the quality of life in Ontario neighborhoods susceptible to criminal activity due to the visible appearance of the area. Clean Streets takes a multi agency approach to abating problems within the City right of way. Within a four hour period, the Clean Streets program can make a dramatic improvement in the physical appearance of a neighborhood.

The Clean Streets program consists of the following tasks:

  • Street Sweeping
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Weed Abatement
  • Tree Trimming
  • Street Light Repair
  • Towing of Illegally Parked Vehicles
  • Removal of Shopping Carts

Before Clean Streets

After Clean Streets

Before Clean Streets Program 

After Clean Streets Program 

2013 Clean Streets Schedule

Streets Date
Mountain Ave. to Benson Ave. & Stoneridge Ct. to D St. 01-08-13
Allyn Ave. to Sultana Ave. & D St. to G St. 01-31-13
Sultana Ave. to Lassen Pl. & Holt Blvd. to D St. 02-14-13
Mountain Ave. to Benson Ave. & I St. to Fourth St. 02-26-13
Euclid Ave. to Campus Ave. & State St. to Mission Blvd. 03-07-13
Mariposa Ave. to Vineyard Ave. & Granada Ct. to Fourth St. 03-20-13
Cypress Ave. to Palmetto Ave. & Francis St. to Phillips St. 04-05-13
Parco Ave. to Vineyard Ave. & Walnut Ave. to Fairfield St. 04-19-13
D St. to G St. & Mountain Ave. to Benson Ave. 05-07-13
Sultana Ave. to Lassen Pl. & Holt Blvd. to D St. 05-23-13
Granada Ct. to J St. & Sultana Ave. to Berlyn Ave. 06-05-13
Grove Ave. to Baker Ave. & Seventh St. to Eighth St. 06-19-13
Grove Ave. to Madera Ave. & G St. to I St. 07-11-13
Richland St. to Fifth St. & Campus Ave. to Cucamonga Ave. 07-24-13
San Antonio Ave. to Mountain Ave. & D St. to I St. 08-06-13
San Antonio Ave. to Cypress Ave. & Phillips St. to Francis St. 08-23-13
Sultana Ave. to Lassen Pl. & Holt Blvd. to D St. 09-12-13
San Antonio Ave. to Euclid Ave. & Fifth St. to 10 Freeway 09-24-13
Stoneridge Ct. to D St. & Mountain Ave. to San Antonio Ave. 10-08-13
Cedar St. to Skylark St. & Sultana Ave. to Bon View Ave. 10-24-13
Holt Blvd. to D St. & Mountain Ave. to San Antonio Ave. 11-07-13
Mariposa Ave. to Vineyard Ave. & Granada Ct. to Fourth St. 11-20-13
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