Museum Board of Trustees

Meetings are currently being conducted via teleconference on ZOOM. 

Members of the public who wish to provide a general comment or on a specific agenda item may do so by calling (909) 395-2251 or filling out a Public Comment Form, no later than 3 PM on the day of the meeting. 

All comments received by the deadline will be included in the official record. Please identify if your public comments are on a non-agenda item; or if you are addressing a specific agenda item, please state for reference the agenda item number.

We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time of social distancing. These procedures may be modified in the future. Thank you. 


Join or watch on ZOOM

The regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 6 PM

Zoom requires a name and email. To remain anonymous, use Attendee and [email protected]


Board of Trustees

  • Chris Kueng - President
  • Rick Caughman - President pro Tem
  • Randy del Turco - Member
  • Jerry Weems - Member
  • Shannon Gerstheimer - Member

Downloadable Files

Meeting Agendas