Battle of the Bands


Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the Ontario Summer Concert Series, the Ontario Recreation and Community Services Department is offering an online Battle of the Bands Competition!

Five local bands will be selected to compete virtually every Wednesday night between July 22 – August 19. The grand finale and announcement of the winning band will take place August 26. Competing bands will be selected by a Battle of the Bands Selection Committee.

Application deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 2020!


1st Place: $500 Cash Prize & Promotional Video

2nd Place: $250 Cash Prize

3rd Place: $200 Cash Prize

4th Place: $100 Cash Prize

5th Place: $50 Cash Prize



Open to local bands that are connected to the City of Ontario (resident, student, local business, or employed in Ontario). Open to all ages. Band contact person must be 21 years or older. 


Entry Procedure

Each band must submit a completed online application accompanied by supplemental materials requested. Materials include stage plot, 5 song set list with lyrics (must be family friendly), weblink to listen to demo songs, and proof of residency (driver license, utility bill or student school ID.

Application deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

Application must be completed below. Stage Plot and song set list must be emailed to [email protected]. For more information, please call Marina Medina (909) 395-2313 or Robyn Hockenhull at (909) 395-2368. 

Rules & Selection


  • Battle of the Bands will be limited to 5 bands maximum. Bands must have at least 2 band members and must be able to perform on the stage size provided. 
  • Each band will perform 5 songs on stage.
  • Show will be pre-recorded and broadcasted later.
  • If selected, bands must be available to be interviewed and perform at a designated time scheduled on one of the following days: July 6 – July 9 at the Jay Littleton Ball Park, located at 1076 N. Grove Avenue, Ontario, CA 91764. Please anticipate 4 hours for the recording during a morning or afternoon time slot. 
  • Winning Band must be available to be interviewed live on Wednesday, August 26.
  • Songs that are recorded will be divided up and compiled with other band’s songs to compete in weekly battles.
  • At least one band member must have an association with the City of Ontario. See eligibility requirements for further information.
  • All lyrics, subject matter, performance, actions and attire must be family friendly in nature.


Band Selection: 

Bands selected will be notified via email. 


Filming Information

Recording Event:

Recording date and time will be emailed to bands. All band members must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled set-up time. Bands will be given 30 minutes to set-up their equipment. Band members can expect to perform 5 songs twice from different camera angles and be interviewed. Questions may include the history of the band, how long they have been playing together and other interesting trivia regarding each band. Interviews will be part of the online content. There will be no audience due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Stage Information:

The 2020 Ontario’s Battle of the Bands will be held at the Jay Littleton Ball Park. A 30x20 stage will be provided. 


Music Accompaniment:

Band must supply all musical instruments. A sound technician will be onsite providing microphones, sound mixing and sound amplifiers during performance. A stage manager will be on hand to keep the show running smoothly. Bands are responsible for any Battle of the Bands equipment damaged or lost during their set-up, set or tear-down.

Video Recording:

A video company will be onsite recording full set performance and band interviews. Interview questions will be provided before recording date for reference. 



Selection & Judging Criteria

Selection Criteria:

Each band application will be reviewed by the Battle of the Bands Selection Committee on the following:

  • Timely receipt of completed application. Deadline: Wednesday July 1. Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed. -
  • Technical performance, stage presence, vocals sound and lyrics
  • Social Media following
  • Residency Requirement

Final Judging Criteria:

The winning band will be determined by viewer popular vote. Viewers will have to 2 days after each performance to complete a survey and vote to select their favorite band. Video will be available on the city website and all city social media accounts. 

Winner will be announced Wednesday, August 26.





Battle of the Bands

John Lennon, Vocals
Paul McCartney, Bass Guitar
George Harrison, Guitar
Ringo Starr, Drums
Upload requirements

Checklist of Supplemental Materials:

Checklist of Supplemental Materials due by June 29, 2020.

Please submit supplemental materials to:
Battle of the Bands
ATTN: M. Marina Medina
1265 S. Palmetto Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762
P: (909) 395-2313; E: [email protected]

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