INCIDENT: Illegal Fireworks Injury

July 03, 2020

An Ontario resident suffered a severe arm injury while lighting an illegal firework.

Police were called to the area of Sixth Street and Virginia Avenue Thursday night at 7:40 PM.  Upon arrival, they discovered a male with a severe left arm injury. The male’s injury, which included the amputation of his left hand, appears to be a result of a delayed detonation from an arial firework. The male was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

The Ontario Fire Department Investigations Unit responded and located additional fireworks at the male’s residence. The fireworks were confiscated and the male was cited for the use of illegal fireworks.

While “safe and sane” fireworks are being sold in some of our neighboring cities, the use of any type of firework within the City of Ontario is strictly prohibited. Violators could face a $1000.00 fine.

If you are currently in possession of any type of firework and wish to discard it, you may surrender all fireworks at any fire station in the city, no questions asked.

The incident continues to be under investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Ontario Fire Department Investigations Unit.

Information can also be reported anonymously by calling WE-TIP at (800) 78-CRIME or online at

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