INCIDENT: Street Racing Enforcement

February 02, 2021

Ontario, CA – The Ontario Police Department continues to be aggressive and vigorous in our enforcement efforts against street racing and reckless driving.

The Ontario Police Department works with the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), through grant funding, to enact programs providing effective means of eliminating fatalities, injuries, and economic losses resulting from street racing. The current Street Racing Enforcement program is led by Ontario Police Department Drag Net Officer M. Williams.

In recent months, the Ontario Police Department has conducted seven street racing details throughout Ontario. We have also provided training for Street Racing Enforcement to law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California.

Highlighting a recent investigation, several suspects committed numerous reckless driving offenses in the area of Doubleday Ave. and Greystone Dr., causing extensive damage to City streets while putting lives at risk. The damage caused was estimated at $18,000. Investigation of the incident resulted in the arrest of one suspect and criminal charges filed against several others. The city was recently awarded restitution for these damages.

For more information regarding Street Racing Enforcement, please contact Officer M. Williams, Community Engagement Team/Drag Net, (909)408-1899.

Information can be reported anonymously by calling WE-TIP at 800-78-CRIME or on-line at


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